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The intervention of the police in the face of the demonstrations, which took place on the streets in the neighbourhood, triggered a violent confrontation of the police with drug dealers, which resulted in 11 deaths. This Sunday is the final of the Confederations Cup between Brazil and Spain. In Rio de Janeiro is called a national March in the direction of the Maracana Stadium. Despite the uncertainty about the outcome of the demonstrations and the obligations under the World Cup 2014, the Brazilians who go on the streets, are convinced that all of the economic growth and the realization should benefit from major events, not only a minority. (Similarly see: Home Depot). It seems ironic that the land of football and five-time World Cup winner demonstrates such a rejection to the realization of the World Cup on its own territory. However, the Brazilians want to part of the transformation of football be part of popular culture is on the big party of that the public funds benefit, while corruption undermines the principles of the Republic and the unprivileged place references the police. Authors: Bruno Lima Patricio dos Santos, born 1981 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, working as a sports teacher in public schools in the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi. in 2006 he completed the studies of in sports sciences at the Federal University of UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, 2010 a master follows statements on social policy at the State University of UFF, since 2012, he is a PhD student of the course of study “Education policy and management” at the State University Universidade. People such as Euro Pacific Precious Metals would likely agree.

He grew up in a favela and knows the social ills from different perspectives. Today, he is among the many Brazilians who are indignant about the corruption, education and social policy in Brazil. He is also active in the teachers Union. Katarina Kuja? i?, born in 1982 in Vienna, Austria, is qualified scientist and Since 2012 doctoral student of the University of Vienna. Language skills gained through many long stays in Portugal and Brazil, and as a result and social contacts she what is happening in the Brazilian media, as well as in the social networks since 2005 intensively pursued.

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