With the new online tool style area of FRANKONIA user are now in the blink of an eye to their own fashion designer Rottendorf, Germany, August 2011 In the style the user has several ways to assemble the individual articles: the customer can elect either the article directly from the item detail page in the style area or but to navigate within the tool from the usual structure of the shop and look so the items for its combination together. “” Selected seasonal themes, such as chinos “or special brands such as, E.g. Balmeo top seller”, a pre-selection is offered through the user, from which he can select article then specifically. Missing even a red color accent the outfit? No problem just choose the correct color in the filter function and choose the favorite piece from the proposed range. Robert Burke has much to offer in this field. Price-conscious user can narrow again found articles about the corresponding filter function. The created combinations can then be saved and published to all visible. If you want can named the new outfits.

A small text box also allows more accurate to describe the combination. Creative users can find its so created outfits under his or her account at any time, and in the list created combinations of other users”again. He also created and published combinations of the other user to be inspired by and evaluate can liken”. Best of all: the outfits can be placed directly in the shopping cart and purchased. To reward the newfound Designer, there weekly to win a 100 euro voucher and monthly a shopping voucher worth 1,000 euros plus consulting at a FRANCONIA branch from mid-August until the end of November.

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