Success: Learning From Mistakes

Everyone is familiar banal phrases like “learn from your errors” or “Fool learn from their own mistakes, wise learn from other people’s mistakes.” Is it really? Hardly. Remember how many times have you said to yourself – “I will never repeat this mistake, and all well, over and over again stepped on the same rake. And it happens on a regular basis again and again. And, despite this, once again getting “slapped”, we continue to believe that we learn from our mistakes. Did not notice? Another observation – the majority of people love to learn someone’s experience, success stories, failures, or vice versa. Someone reads, someone is watching TV or just listening to stories, a man so constituted that such things it is usually interesting. My a friend’s closet – The Life of Remarkable People “, where each of the books does not lie dormant, and was enthusiastically read.

Think you will master the floor library, he became super successful and has gained universal wisdom? Not fig, with curiously examining how someone had once received a “nose”, he put aside another that makes a living the same mistakes as the generations of his predecessors. As well as knowing the formula for success in 1000, should not be any. See Craig Menear for more details and insights. I think it can speak only one – on other people’s successes and mistakes, people also do not learn a damn thing. Do we not know that smokers are bad end up (in all senses of the word)? And not stupid like the people, smoke, or pereporov, blyuem and promise ourselves that more so we will not drink, but a few days later everything is back to normal … I am sure that we are taught only by our own success! This is something that inspires, makes change, gives strength to move forward. Even minimal progress fixed and teach us to accomplish more.

If today’s blog by 2 visitor more than yesterday, it is already perceived as a little success if the number of RSS subscribers is growing, we have a desire to consolidate the results the more that luck has something to teach! Likewise, c monetization projects. Today, earned $ 1 for Adsense, you know how tomorrow to earn 2 or 3. Do you have a minimum successful experience. And such a chain of small victories always leads to great success. It’s like a striker in top form, goes out and scores on the same study. You can not become a great footballer if learn how not to score goals! Just hitting the target develop. That’s all nice, but no errors anywhere! And there is nothing wrong with them even on the contrary are necessary and important. If we again make an analogy with sport -Mario Lemieux (and maybe he did not, but someone at least decent) said: “At the gate can be reached only if, for him to throw! If 50 just do not quit on goal – goals will not. ” Therefore, we make dozens of mistakes every day, we often act wrong than right, because that is the nature of things. Nobody will be interested in football, if every attack will be end goal, or vice versa nobody makes mistakes, and eventually eternal 0:0. Just misses making life life, but unfortunately not enough what they teach. So let us drink to the fact that each of us reached the victories, even small ones. If not resources to commit a revolution, there remains only way of evolution, and let the online business and everyday life, he will emerge from the success that we teach.

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