Swiss Army

-Development and the joint management of shared resources is essential for these systems. Here is ranked a type of interaction protected from a specific group. These interactions are not aimed at a wider audience. Nor is there an express intention of a target specific learning: the members of this working group learn working in collaboration. 3.1 Types – the Groupware can be divided into three categories: colaboracion-comunicacion tools, tools for Conference and group or collaborative management tools.

-Tools of electronic communication that send messages, files, data or documents between people and facilitate the sharing of information (asynchronous collaboration), as for example: email, voice, web publishing – Conference tools that facilitate the sharing of information, interactively (synchronous collaboration), for example: data conferencing PC network that share a shared presentation space each user can modifyvoice telephones that allow interacting participants, conferences conferences video (or audio conference), PC in network sharing signals, audio or video, rooms chat or instant messaging platform discussion that facilitates the immediate exchange of messages – collaborative management tools that facilitate the activities of the group, as for example: electronic to arrange calendars of events and automatically dates and send notifications and reminders to participants, management systems of projects to organize and track activities in a project until it is finished, control systems for workflow activity to manage tasks and documents in a process organised in a structured way (bureaucracy), systems of knowledge management to collect, organize, manage and share various types of information, systems of support to social networks to organize collective relationships social. SYSTEMS OF MANAGEMENT?N of community and collaborative – content C3MS systems are the Swiss Army knives of the teaching that we told you about previously. This type of CMS system (virtual) communities offers the possibility of developing content for a particular area. -Used mechanisms collaborative, and numerous modules specialized (for example, to know who is online, the audience, surveys, reviews, quotes, etc.) are oriented to the community completely.

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