The 3 Basic Questions

Summary: Find out in this article of the basic questions that will take you to your goals in the process of coaching, the coach uses the technique of the questions to carry coachee or client to its success. Of course in a private and interactive process of coaching, would have all sorts of questions. These would go in one direction or another according as the session progresses, but there are some basic questions I present here and if you do it will inevitably lead you to your goal. 1 .- What do you get? This is where begins the process of coaching. This is the time when you ask yourself what you want. Make sure it is really what you want and not something imposed.

It is important to your willingness to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal, in order to establish more clearly. Of course, you can irlas remodeling goals over time and experience. Definelas as clearly as possible, with great detail and the time in which you want to achieve. Enuncialas positive. Your goals are not should aim to avoid things that do not want, but you get the ones you want. There is evidence that we are heading towards what we pay attention, and if you think about something you do not want, you tend to go headlong into it. a 2 .- What is the actual current situation with regard to your goal? This is the part where you define as is the current situation with regard to your target. It is essential to know the starting point of our journey to establish the way we want to achieve.

Be honest with yourself, and commit to the truth. Commit to seeking the truth does not mean absolute truth, just that sometimes we take for real some things that come from our beliefs. Try to be as objective as possible here, to avoid close your doors for yourself. Also at this stage provides the resources that would need accounts and you can generate. 3 .- What is the way forward? Once established your goals and Habert at the point of exit (commitment to the truth), it's time to design a plan action. This action plan must feel like yours. It must please you as much as possible, because if you dislike a plan that will be very difficult to have the perseverance to carry it out. Carry out your plan of action is what will lead you towards your goal and will make it real. The real power is in stock, so you must design a plan that will be as easy as possible to run. Note that there is no failure, only results. Some of the results you will like and others not. As a result you do not like, just change the way you act. The only real failure is neglect. a These are the three basic steps of a process of coaching. Also I will give a final recommendation may seem simple, but believe me when I say that you will be very useful to help you achieve your goals. Every time you earn an achievement however small, such as carrying out a step in the action plan, a CELEBRALOa . The how is up to you, but do not let him. Furthermore I I would say let defined the way how you're going to celebrate before conseguirlo.a Ana Zabaletaa a The Coach of the Empresariaa a

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