The Buckle

This is a nervous and impulsive man, and it is not too concerned how he looks with his tie stuffed into his pants. The habit of toying with the finger and cranking the neck accessory usually have inaccurate and unnecessary staff, office sloths, tie a longer they tie to hide under it to superiors who came at the wrong time or a muffin game joystick. Short, tied above the belt buckle ties, sign natures practical, zhadnovatyh, talkative and with the presence of complexes associated with the identification of himself as an employee. Such a man in real life, most likely, a joker and hedonist, and get used to him wearing a tie do not get long enough, so he tries to minimize its length. Despite this, it stands to keep your eyes open for such a person is able to benefit from nearly all, in financial matters he has no equal. The lack of creative flair filled hard work and ingenuity in worldly matters.

If this person has a style cast a tie on the shoulder or hide under a shirt – for convenience, for example – it is rather simplistic and limited, both in attitude and in ambitions. The right length if you do not tell about the qualities, at least on education and knowledge of etiquette. International ethics recognizes the ideal length of the tie to the middle of the belt buckle. Although this standard has been for a long time, not all business people know him, continuing to adjust the length to your taste. Ideal knotted tie is a pass in the world devoted to business ethics, and often on this ground may be closer to superiors or to regain an important partner. Make a bet on the correct appearance of the employee, because at least it means he brought up behavior and the ability to present themselves.

Still, there is no wonder the saying “he did can not tie a tie “, meaning a full professional unsuitability. Tie, of course, a trifle. But from such small things is the whole image. The “tie” the battle is not winning those with longer, and those who have something to cover – the end tie half of the buckle. And just like that!

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