The Confidence

If more than one client makes the same suggestions or complaints, guess what? That is an idea that probably should have a closer look at a problem. You have to find out if you need to adjust your sales message, your product or service, or how to provide service and support. Whatever it is, its obligation to improve your business because you will be responding to the needs expressed by their customers. 4. When you complain, to talk with others. It is very important to remember that the way to handle a customer complaint is not the end of the question! In fact, it's actually much closer to the beginning.

A complaint is a great opportunity if handled the situation tactfully. This is because if you listen and respond to a complaint filed by fixing what was wrong, and send to your customer with a gift and a thank you? they will tell at least 10 people about their experience. This is called mouth advertising? the most powerful form of advertising on the planet? and that's where your opportunity. And though it may lead to more customers for you, maybe yes? and in any case, surely can not hurt. It is necessary to note that this door both ways. If you can not resolve a complaint, talk to more people about it! This can cause great damage to their reputation online? a mortal blow to the confidence that seek to cultivate with their customers and prospects, which, incidentally, is the line of the most important commodity you have.

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