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The same can be done with a stamp pad, just fill it with paint. But we digress, in the manufacture of printing by means of laser engraving rubber material is used, (it can be gray, black or red). With this technology, making possible smaller parts, in print, it can be a kind of protection and printing, as well as affect the beauty of the print. Laser burnt more subtle line, it can be all kinds of patterns, which is the hidden items. Among the few drawbacks of this technology can highlight what she has gum odor, and the production (in the machine (the machine where the engraved seal) burning laser, rubber strips of the most press, stands a burned or hardened ash)). Making the seal or stamp of the photopolymer. In the manufacture of printing in this way, you can select the speed of production, it can 20-30 minutes. After a sketch of print in the program design (in this case, we have drawn a product) is displayed on the printer, cartridge further obscured, then (we will not tell all the nuances of production) is poured in other areas and when exposed to ultraviolet rays) and a pair of manipulation, printing, after washing and fixing a print of the same ultraviolet light, and we get a finished product.

Disadvantages of this unpleasant the smell of the photopolymer and toner, and you will receive a vryatli subtle elements or fonts with serifs, or flourishes, in the manufacture of photopolymer stamps. In society, the stamp, there is a perception that if polymer, it is always bad, so often the voice of those who makes printing from rubber or attempted manufacture of photopolymer printing, and contrary to the nuances and the peculiarities of production, made a mistake and made defective stamp. It is important to remember that when using alcohol inks, if you print from a photopolymer, this painting simply can corrode the material. As for durability, a lot depends on you, described above, why time is necessary to change the pillow in a snap, so follow these instructions and printing of photopolymer will serve you for long service. Our company uses all print manufacturing processes, and can not say that the photopolymer is much worse condition.

Production of stamps on flash technology. In our opinion one of the most interesting technologies, there is of course to watch the laser runs on rubber, and in consequence of which little by little after photopolymer or rubber). But here you do not have anywhere to dip print, or try to put down as its auto-rigging. You are just watching of course, what you choose to snap, but in most screw cap and immediately put the stamp on paper, is not it lovely. Of the minuses for imprinting a large number of impressions the press, "product" must be restored, so to speak fill the paint used, as in the manufacture of printing dye is injected into the microporous rubber. The very process of production takes about an hour. Perhaps making multi-color printing. Pretty easy to carry, no leaks, as is the case with other snap-ins or stamping pad after completion of their paints. Enough for thousands of impressions 5-8000, but improper use can easily ruin the stamp.

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