The Main Problems Of The Market Of Electrical Products And Equipment

There are at least three major current problems of the energy complex in Russia. Firstly, it is a problem of communication with the manufacturer of the end customer. Many manufacturers of transformers, autotransformer and actuators are often profess a typical approach in the production of their products, not always successfully entered into the unique challenges of the customer. Secondly, no less acute problem of choice electrical equipment, as very often there is no objective information about the quality and reputation of producing the same transformer. Thirdly, there is a real problem of checking the quality of goods and their certification.

Very often, certification is simply the result of tests conducted in accredited laboratories, rather than a standard paper with the required level of protection purchased from an organization that has opportunity to give. According to most experts, one of the most important conditions for effective implementation of the national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens" is to reduce development time and Harmonization gradoreguliruyuschey documentation, shorter contracts, the optimization procedure for connecting objects to the grid. The existing procedure for connecting, for example, the transformer can now take up to 10 months. Sometimes the bureaucratic process can take up to two years of approvals and permits. Under the existing procedure for reconciliation and commissioning, replacement and construction of a huge number of transformers or motors, requiring replacement, requires considerable resources of construction companies and a long period of time.

Naturally, the costs of these issues, companies must sometimes lay in project cost. During installation of the transformer model in Russia on average now takes up to 6 months. Of course, there are exceptions. There are even examples of hypervelocity installation. For example, recently in St. Petersburg transformer was mounted and connected to the permanent network during daylight hours, less than 24 hours. Planning and coordination has taken two weeks prior to installation. Such speed of installation and connection of the transformer is precedent not only St. Petersburg and Russia, but worldwide. Information on this is directed to record in the book of Guinness Book of Records and Russia. The use of such methods of construction transformers can really open up new opportunities for the Russian construction market.

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