The Meeting

In that instance, the interviewer has an active and dynamic role. Is he himself who is responsible for the reception of the candidate, facilitates its presentation, carries out interventions to establish a friendly relationship and defines the purpose of the meeting. All these steps constitute the opening of the interview. But the theater is not only that. The precise moment is in which the interviewer, using their body and verbal behavior, has the opportunity to prepare the interviewee and jointly create an implicit contract that will act as a reference framework for the development of the actual interview with him. Here, during the entire interview, the interviewer carries out a double exercise: identify with the interviewee to establish a good rapport and take enough distance from him, to be able to perform an objective analysis on the facts. Learn more at this site: Technology author. Guidelines: A friendly and interventions that make it possible to establish a good rapport provide precise guidelines about the aim of the meeting, allowing to neutralize the anxieties of the applicant and guide about what the expected. Give a definite status to each role, since they give support to the framing.

The interview itself said: at this stage, we develop fully the concept of interview as communication process and key technical resource for the selection of staff. It is the moment in which begins to unfold the bond that we have been able to build with the applicant during the theater, link that will act as the via regia in order to determine the adequacy of the profile of the candidate for a specific position in a company profile. Questions should be comprehensive and neutral, since this way we allow that the interviewee is who give sense and meaning to the answers. At this point, it is crucial to be able to disrupt some myths about the concept of interview. Sometimes, we tend to fall into the temptation of thinking that it is the interviewer who holds power in this process.

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