The Network

Second. You can not lose sight of those with whom an agreement could not, and their referees. Supporting the business relationship you form a "spy network" which helps close the new job as referee (especially CEOs) often become customers in the future. Preliminary estimates. As soon as you hear the name, ask the other person to describe the person. Why did he considers it appropriate professional? Ask experience, results, achievements, salary level …

By asking these questions, you are already doing a preliminary assessment recommended a specialist, not calling him. Obtaining the opinions of others, you save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary future calls. You spend a "prequalification". Your source for sure better than you know the one of whom says. Be sure to appeal his jobs. No one is interested in your proposal if you are not clearly identified the competitive advantages of your job. No one will recommend a person for uninteresting work, no matter what relationship they may be.

Find and hire those who now wants to change jobs – anyone can. You will have to work with those who are not thinking about changing jobs. Interest them – these are skills the recruiter. Remember that the professionals are driven not only (and not so much) money. Uncover them new opportunities, projects and prospects and heat interest during the negotiation process … spread wider network! Do not forget to include their own service providers or products, customers, partners and friends in the network list. Everyone knows the experts in their field. Do not forget about the bank's employees, which are served, the lawyer, to help councils and accountants from the familiar accounting firm. We have received Many names medpredstaviteley by calling the clinic and pharmacy. The best of them, we figured, just ask your pharmacist, who is working better than others? The names of the best marketing we have learned, phoned advertising agencies … Call us or participate in various community groups and associations of those specialists that you need. Find out what specialized seminars, trainings and conferences they attend, and come to them. Get on organizers of the list of participants, including past events. This list – the most active, the most promising candidates. A good crop yield profile exhibitions. There should act in two stages. Initially talking with a representative of the firm, working on the stand, look, it communicates with you as the customer: product presentation, depth of expertise … If you like it – exchanging business cards. In no case not just talk about changing the work: he did not accept the offer, and the authorities may be close. He needs to call a couple of days after the exhibition. Establishing a chain of contacts with professionals and experts in their field – the best way to reach the best potential candidates. The program recommendations should be formalized and transformed into the system. Motivate people to advise you of other good people. Break from the monitors, turn off the Internet. Go back to the good old human contact. All you have to – it is a phone.

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