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Is our education including creating your personal company concept, training of marketing and customer acquisition, first aid on the dog etc. Anke Schafer carries out only qualitative, professional individual training. You learn directly from first-hand of the master, without support staff! This training concept has proved, the student goes home with lots of practical skills and knowledge. Even after the training, the students are further supervised by Mrs Schafer, possibly even free practices to the other Fort of the learned can be performed upon request. “Was repeated I by other students asked” so Anke Schafer, whether an internship can be completed in our operation. The students received at your training company, not enough exercise and practice, but only theory full hours! Anke Schafer says: “everyone professionally automatically would become the, knows to make his own contribution to create something special for themselves feel and produce. The Our dog hairdresser school pastoral aims actively to help you, even after the training, if you confidently would devoted to the profession of dog hairdresser’s with all efforts and prejudices. So, learn and discover the sensitive interplay between man and animal.

Our training aims to secure independent, professional working on the dog.” The wife Anke Schafer, which devoted since 2000 of professional dog care, has the expertise and the knowledge in terms of dog care, proves your nominations to the German World Cup Team 2007 and 2011 for one team to the World Cup of pet groomers. Since 2005, moving to the international Groomerparkett to news with to bring home. International competitions, in five countries, is the result of 12 medals in two categories of the competition. To continue to provide the knowledge and expertise of dog grooming your students, Anke Schafer itself continue to visited training seminars. “A good pet groomer never too late to learn!”, says author: H.Helmrich

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