The Paint

After a primer on the ground we have to put DIY developing, ie, apply with spray paint dust a bit of contrasting color. Now we must wait until the soil dries and prosyadet. It is about 1-2 days. Once the soil is dry it should be again zamyt (about as ‘love’ painter). To do this, take the sandpaper ‘to wet’ P600 or P320 ‘to dry’, we clean up the soil as long as no away the paint, which gave film development and do not forget to run through the entire car.

If you paint a car in metallic, it is necessary to once again walk P800 sandpaper. PAINTING Here we come to the most crucial moment. Here I will the process of painting with acrylic paint. Metallic paint in, without any experience in painting, to make nearly impossible in this process, I will omit. Before painting, the car must be properly washed and blow out any dust from openings, trunk from under the hood, etc. Now you have to re-glue the car (and before priming).

Paint spray gun should make for painting metal. You can buy the cheapest in town more or less Pulver is a reasonable $ 17. Before you paint a car should be free of grease. Best of all Special degreaser or silicone wash, but will go and 646 solvent. Further need to dissolve the paint, about 2 parts paint 1 part solvent.

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