The Pollution

Not only it, also we who we have the primcias of the spirit, moans interior suspirando for the redemption of ours corpo' ' (4) and (5). The corruo of the creation if calls sin the world, that I poison all the beings bred. The violence if spreads in the city and the field. Whales agonize in the beach running away from the pollution of the seas. Species die poisoned for poludos rivers and the agrotxicos of the plantations.

The greed and the profit without escrpulo make the law. Who can intervine to change the situation makes seen and merchant ears thick: one forbears for cowardice. Which the origin of the sin and as it poisons the creation? The human being is limited by its very nature and an limited being only produces limited acts. For this, it is potentially pecador. ' ' I was born in the iniquity, in the sin my mother me concebeu' '. He wants to say that the human being is bad by its very nature, essentially incapable to make the good? Absolutely, not. ' ' God is good, the Father you ama' ' , Jesus says; from it bad acts cannot proceed. Everything that creates is good.

The human being and the other beings bred are ontologicamente good, because the Creator is good. The effect (creation) reflects the Cause (God). Being good, everything that God makes is signal of its goodness. ' ' Sir, you love everything that you created and you do not annoy yourself with that you created. If he was pra to hate it you would not have made it by no means ' ' (6). The human being was servant ontologicamente good, is not bad in its being, therefore it is workmanship of the good Creator by its very nature, that it does not generate bad beings. But, we are pecadores, conceived in the sin.

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