The Power Of The Heart And Soul Images

Luzia hant, Autodikaktin, spiritual painter I, Luzia hant, male spiritual heart and soul images that touch people in their deepest hearts and bring much in motion, when they are ready. The heart images: I would like the people in their hearts through my heart and soul images. My paintings come from the bottom of my heart and leave impression in the hearts of the people. A very direct language and open doors, allow access to other levels and new perspectives. The images have a message for all those who are willing and open enough to understand their embassies and to yourself to work for people who are ready for a change. People who suspect searching and longing her soul; People who look deeper would in themselves and for people who want to realize their talents and tasks and living. My heart images have a great healing power due to its depth and expressiveness and are suited very well to the Meditate.

The soul images: I paint also soul images that I paint a picture that is tailored to the respective people specifically. I have the wonderful gift, to be able to recognize and feel, what image takes his soul to the next step of its development. At the same time, also the life’s work of the respective people is included in this picture. Due to my sensitivity, sensitivity, sensitivity, and my knowledge of human nature, it is me easy to express these findings through my colors. A soul image appeals to the subconscious of people through its colours and content and works every day on him and reminds him of his soul’s purpose. may help you with your research. To confide this process requires courage, but who is ready to engage on changes, will be certainly moved by the image of his soul and led in the right direction. Luzia Honeder

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