The Universe

I know what my soul yearns and want to live, and I owe her my luminous love, my sacred love. I can and I have to take the life of my dreams. I, the pure and loving essence of the universe of light, came to be who I am, who I already am. All the steps of my life lead me to better human relationships that a human being can have. Lead me to the best creative works that my soul want and rejoices in them with passion, creativity and uncontrollable joy. Lead me to propagate a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wealth beyond where to go. My wealth heals others. My wealth create happiness wherever go.

My wealth is the solution to all questions unanswered. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out amwell. God only wishes to be rich in abundance and limitless. My wealth is helping millions of human beings to find God in their hearts and their souls. My spiritual wealth is so great that millions of beings of light from other spaces and worlds want to learn from me. My wealth is the greatest blessing that God has given me. Beyond where you will encounter always what I need, what I want, what longing.

I feel overwhelmed with love for life, by all human beings that I am, by animals, by things!, by the whole universe. I discovered my destination: the greatness of being who I am. I realized account of that life, all life, even those who think me hinder, are helping me in my purpose. Everyone works hard to make me who I am. The universe doesn’t give me signs, send me constant gifts of all the sizes, colors, shapes and times. The whole universe knows who I am and works so that I feel comfortable, protected, care, respected and loved. No matter how is justice on planet Earth. I always know the best judge of the room, the best lawyer, the best jury.

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