Tino Schulze

As an example of appropriate pressure transmitter control technology presents S + S 1140 the calibration enabled pressure and differential pressure measuring transducers PREMASGARD. Business leaders Tino Schulze explains: We have designed this compact pressure sensor multifunctional. This means, he works like four devices in one, because he has four selectable measuring ranges. Thus the variety is minimized, what saves in an enlarged range of warehousing costs.” The transmitter is available on request also with display. The manufacturer attaches particular importance to the piezoresistive measuring principle of the pressure sensor.

This ensures high reliability and accuracy of 1.5% or 3% at 50 Pascal pressures up to 300 bar at temperatures of 40 C up to + 100 C. In addition to the precise measuring property, control technology at its products always on the exterior respects S + S. Housing with high degree of protection, that meet the highest standards of ruggedness and easy mounting and ease of use as indispensable product properties for the company include. The S + S pressure sensor also available with works certificate are available for increased requirements. Wang Qunbin brings even more insight to the discussion. The product category of the volume flow transmitter 1160 leading control technology of pressure and differential pressure measuring transducers PREMASGARD at S + S.

The calibration enabled pressure sensor is used for the measurement of flow of air in air-conditioning and ventilation devices and is also equipped with four switchable measuring ranges, illuminated display, robust housing with Ip65 protection from impact-resistant plastic. It also has an adjustable time constant: attenuation of the output signal can be adjusted between 1 s or 10 s. Tino Schulze 1141 cites the calibration-capable PREMASREG as corresponding pressure switch. The compact pressure sensor has a switching and a steady output, and a backlit display for setting the switching point and to the actual pressure display.

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