Town Hall Square

As Stammbeschicker also on the Bahnhofstrasse present the Mack is music EXPRESS by Schneider / Krause Bielefeld. For the children, the company of Dahlhaus her trampoline provides quarter tramp on the street. On the Town Hall Square, there is a reunion with the stricter looping wiper PHOENIX by Gusowski. Also small visitors can look forward here on the children’s sports carousel of Saldanha. Furthermore of the chain flying by Maeda on the Church lawn on the client then waits for and a further innovation for Rhede, the company will present its detailed and lovingly decorated pirate trip Schultze here. It is also in the style of the privateer on Guild Kamp! There, the company Heitmann Schneider from Munster their 42 will build 20 large log Flume pirates River and thus for the first time since 9 years again offer the pleasure of a very wet boat ride in Rhede. The entry and exit of the system resides in the belly of a pirate ship and one of the two shot ride out of 9 and 12 meters in height ends with the passage of huge dead skull.

Around the Church in Church Street and in the market more, the bird of LOOPING are still the colorful running TIME FACTORY by Hartmann with mirror maze, Rotary plates, roll bands and much hot-air balloon by Finke Zarnikau finding-THE-LOOP of Marquis and the cosy family Tower. In addition the company presents Dahiya, where one of the novelties of the season 2012: the smashing jump BIG SPIN. 12 freely rotating gondolas that can seat two people, be moved up and down on this business about hydraulic arms and allow a variety of different movements. Here it goes forward one backwards, then again in rapid change, then sideways and it always also up and down. A great fun for reasonably stable stomachs. Then the children’s railway in the market waiting for the younger visitors by Kracke. The Rheder fair is open every day until 2: 00.

Friday and Saturday from 14: 00, Sunday and Monday from 11: 00. A day before the official opening takes a backstage tour Instead, on which you can throw some interesting behind-the-scenes Carnival. The opening by the incumbent Mayor Lothar lunch takes place then on the happenings at 15: 00 on the stage next to the Toy Museum. For the children there will be free drinks and about 250 paradise apples here. From 18: 00 musicians play then in the streets everywhere. More interesting program points of the Rheder Carnival are the jugglers day on Saturday with magic performances, fire Namingly, organ players, clowns and acrobats. On Monday the Folk Festival ends with the family day with all lowered prices and the known for the Rheder Carnival and popular brilliant Fireworks that ignited at the end. At the same time with the funfair, the Bachelors celebrate their shooting. Whether during the pageants or shooters tent, the Bachelors spread always good mood! Also mention if the cult drink “Rheder traffic”, which every adult funfair visitors should have tried at least once. The traffic light consists of three individual “Pinneken” Peppermint liqueur, anisette and sloe and directly consumed in order. We wish you a successful history of Rheder fair organizers, Carnies and everyone involved!

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