Upholstered Furniture

Symbols of the fibers that make up the tissue taken in accordance with international standards, composition of tissues is indicated in Latin letters. Our table shows all the basic symbols and their decoding, so you can navigate by choosing a fabric for upholstered furniture. WA-WL-Angora Llama Alpaca Wool WP-SE-CO-Silk Cotton Cotton ALG-LI-MA-modakril Len (yarn from a mixture of synthetic fibers – up to 85% acrylonitrile – 35%) JU-Jute AC-VI-Acetate Rayon Acrylic PC-PAC-Acrylic Polyamide PA-PL-Polyester PES-PLO-Polyester Polyolefin PVC-Polyvinyl Chloride Polypropylene PP-EA-PU-Polyurethane Elastane MD-Modal characteristics of tissue by type of yarn strands used the production upholstery fabrics, can be simple (regular 72-voloknovaya thread), woven (consisting of several simple, braid-bound), fluff (conventional filament fluffs in the air stream, making it thick and fluffy). In most high-priced – chenille yarns and boucle. Shenillovaya thread – it’s woven in a plait two common threads between which are sandwiched cut the same thread. Boucle – yarn, obtained by a fixed her eyes are for which requires a special machine. Apart in the row of furniture fabrics are synthetic suede fabric is produced, and non-woven way.

The most expensive are the quality and woven suede. Nick Carr has many thoughts on the issue. Woven with special threads (Microfiber) cloth to the brush handle machine (brushing), splitting hairs on the thread of varying heights and frequencies. The price of this suede largely depends on the degree of processing: the longer the process takes, the more expensive fabric. The design and density of tissue by construction of tissue may be monobasic and dibasic. In the first case, the fabric is made on the machine, simply intertwining the warp and weft on the principle of wicker basket. This is the cheapest design. In the production of dibasic or jacquard fabrics Chenille with a pattern sewn on a machine with a simple basis. This can be done in one pass, when the two bases are held together through firmware, or in two passes.

Today in the manufacture of upholstered furniture are used chenille (including expensive), with base and upper facial layer. In the medium and low quality firmware base can detach from each other. With a high quality Firmware dibasic chenille often enough, and dense tissue is obtained and integrated. There is also a three-dimensional weaving, in which the warp and weft interwoven in a special way. Manufacturers have resorted to it, when they want to protect yourself from fraud. Technology of production of such fabric is so expensive and complicated, which is accessible only to reputable companies. With regard to the density of tissue, it is closely linked to its structure and determined weight per square meter fabric. It’s pretty simple: the more threads per unit area and the more layers, the higher the proportion of fabric – or its density.

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