Villa Cassalette In Aachen

Today’s Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum former City Palace of the 19th century villa Cassalette (built 1883, 1888) is an Aachen city Palace in the historicist style of the new Mannerist. Wilhelmstrasse 30 presents the five axis building on three floors. The former City Palace and the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum today stands under monumental protection. The lens construction is one of the monuments of the city of Aachen. History and architecture of Villa Cassalette is a work of art in architecture and interior design, an Ars una.

in 1883, the Aachen architect Eduard begins lens with the planning of this representational structure. A year later, is the foundation stone and more four years after the entry. The House is designed by Eduard lens in uniform implementation. Eduard Cassalette, grandson of the scrape maker Peter Joseph Cassalette is his client and the client. He cannot be in the years 1883 to 1888, today’s Wilhelmstrasse 18, built his mansion in the Wilhelmstrasse 30. For the execution of this complex, he commissioned Edward lens.

Cassalette wishes is a city Palace in the style of the Italian Renaissance with a monumental appearance, a representative building in the style of the Grunderzeit neo Mannerism. The construction of the job is sandstone. This is the building material in the 19th century. Sandstone is a soft rock with the fit sculptures and ornamentation work easily. The interiors should be on the one hand comfortably inviting, on the other hand suitable for the management and the reception of larger companies. Eduard Cassalette largely agrees with the floor plan and facade design of lens. In the design of the street view selects lens palaces of Venice as an example, specifically the outside front of the Biblioteca Marciana. The strong coursed rockface ground floor is upholstered cube factory. The Bel etage follows the Rustika floor with in accordance with the superposition Ionian and the second floor with Corinthian capitals.

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