Visiting Egypt

Holidays in Egypt – not just a chance to bask in the sun. Of course, fans of a passive pastime enough to do it but you can at home, Hot tours in Egypt, promise a lot of interesting things, and miss this chance, we do not follows. We are talking not just about visiting temples and museums, travel to historical sites, and we refer to active recreation. And what about the ATVs, as Vamtakaya idea? Desert of Egypt made directly to the data travels. The first business – clothing, go to him with the utmost seriousness, yet will drive on the sand, not pavement. You do not want to become hostage to the small grains. Neglect this advice – the pleasure you are not threatened.

Appliances do not neglect safety. These recommendations are the main ones. Remember that you have to go through the desert, do not expect a smooth road, because sitting down, you'll feel every bump. Well, here we have prepared and you! Another kind of leisure – the conquest of Mount Moses. First, we are fully satisfied with the visit of the church, where you can confess to the priest and begin life, we can say with a clean slate.

However, the easy way out today we are not looking – the mountain – it's what you need modern sinner! Want to break free from their sins, contact a travel agency in Chisinau. Go to the mountain at night, so dress up and warm. Will have to sweat it out of the office paper and move solitaire spread. Maybe you think this is a huge and stupid, but still meet the sunrise on the mountain of Moses – is something, if only for this beauty can not sleep one night. Do not forget that the camel – one of many characters after the pyramids of Egypt, the desert and the mummies. Going to go and relax at the same time, then sit down on a camel during a descent from the mountain – will rest on the lift and calm, knowing that a camel ride you all the same. You can and go camping on camels for the day. Well, what about diving? Red Sea – fantastic underwater world. Time at depths as if freezes, the colorful underwater inhabitants will not leave anyone indifferent – this you do not see anywhere else. And if you fancy a winter vacation, the winter holidays in Bulgaria – a great option. Do not worry – the service level. And one more advantage – proximity, when compared to overseas resorts.

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