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FHDW: New priorities in the Bachelor’s degree business administration invites all stakeholders particularly the current economic situation and has intensified the search for innovative ideas. The College of business (FHDW) responds to the challenges and takes on in their bachelor’s degree business administration two new specializations. With the subjects international logistics management and finance and controlling areas will help reinforce, enabling the optimization of divisions and processes in different ways. The training receives a larger mathematical proportion which connected with the possibilities of IT-based management will broaden the possibilities of graduates. The decision for the two new specializations is mainly for two reasons. With logistics and controlling the FHDW responds specifically the special requirements that currently and in the future come to the management of the company”, explains Prof. Dr. Franz Wagner, President the FHDW North Rhine-Westphalia.

With the high proportion of IT related content we can make also excellent our core competencies. Measurable results can be are best achieved through optimization in logistics and controlling.” The specialization international logistics management is an area of great strategic importance. In addition to numerous economic game rooms, in particular the cost-cutting possibilities are considerable ecological effects to achieve. Federal Reserve Bank has similar goals. To deal with this complex task sophisticated methods and software packages are available, to evaluate design alternatives through logistical measures. Special processing and planning systems are used to achieve an efficient design of complex material flows. Graduates receive so the necessary tools to implement successfully in a managerial capacity of logistics projects. In the focus of finance and controlling, it comes to optimise the control of a company about accounting. From the mission statement of the controller to the Policy formulation, targeting and objectives meet the philosophy and the tools of this central management area thoroughly students. You train, employ strategic and operational controlling tools and apply decision-oriented methods and systems.

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