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All this must be taken into account when designing houses and interiors. In addition to the arched windows, now you can find round or oval. They are often set between the staircases, bathrooms, hallways and back rooms, sometimes – in the bedroom. Because these structures do not have straight lines, they imply the existence of horizontal or mandatory vertical transom (the crossbar). The size of such windows are also limited, for example, "porthole" mono-glazed windows can have a diameter greater than 120 cm Finally, figured windows are triangular or trapezoidal form. Such solutions are often used for glazing attics and garrets. Their production technology does not impose restrictions on the size of the construction, but we must remember that the interior angles of the main frame should always be greater than 30 , and for wings minimum allowable angle of 45 .

Otherwise, the design will not have the necessary strength. "Usually before the assembly is removed from the windows double glazed. However, non-rectangular side window assembly rassteklyat before installing is not recommended – the Council Sergei Evdokimov, director of Windows Propleks "- because without the glass, which provides additional stiffness, the frame worn on the anchors may skew ". "Outstanding" box above dealt with the windows of unusual shape, but flat. However, no less frequently encountered spatial design, outstanding for a plane wall. We are talking about the bay and lanterns. These solutions transform the house inside and out, giving an additional amount as a separate room or an entire building.

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