Worth Playing

If I could, recetaria them to all my patients and to all dads I know a daily hour of play will tell you because the game has many more benefits that one believes the game is very important in childhood. When children play, learn and explore their world, communicate with each other, they discover many things and above all, have fun. did you know that when we play that substances that produce a pleasant effect are released in our body? That is why when we play we have fun! When a girl plays to be a MOM, not only expresses and reproduces the things that observes your Mami, but experiencing the role of MOM who will perform in the future. The same thing happens when a child plays a doctor or to purchases. When a child plays puzzle, you exercise your memory and abstract reasoning. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Asaro. When a child plays football or a board game, you can learn to work in a team and to respect rules. When a child plays with a box and said it was a car, it develops your creativity and imagination.

When parents play with their children, they can open a space of communication unimaginable, it’s amazing all you can discover when sharing a game time with a child. Not just spending time together, but communicate more and can understand their needs. It is impressive to see that a daily hour of play can be achieved thousand times more than what is achieved with a cry or a punishment. Of truth! Often parents of children with behavioral problems, tested thousands of strategies to control them as punishment, shouts and even spanking.Often these children are looking for attention and time from their parents and when a space opens for the family game, behavior problems disappear quickly. However, with the hustle and bustle of life these days, I see with sadness that children have very little time to play, and worse still, parents have less time still to play with their children. I’ve seen thinks that the game is a waste of time and that only is played when there is free time. The issue is that the children today have very little free time! School ends at 2: 30, then to eat and then to the class of swimming or karate, hence to make the tareaen House or a homework club, then have to swim, dine and prepare for sleep. If there is extra time you can watch TV or play video games.Sounds the following routine known to them? I understand how complicated life is now and when apart from being parents must be working and doing household chores, however, with this article I would like to share them the important thing can be a little bit of play on family day and everything that can be obtained when a space is dedicated to play with children. I know that sometimes it can deplete Popes ideas to play with their kids don’t worry, read the following article. Best regards!! MYR.

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