Writing Communicates

I bring my real market. No sale is what interests me. Sure, I have a family to feed and I have to generate income. But my happiness is when I am transparent with people.

Finally, what I do not like competition are their strategies of deception. For example, many have programs that tell you an offer today just to make you buy, but when you come back the next day the same offer is still valid. The only thing that changed was the date that the program was responsible for change. This is disappointing. They are deceptive strategies only affect the reputation of real experts who only seek your well-being (you know who you are, you will now see how they change strategy because it wipes the air bag).

So what makes you different? What you bring to the market that is something fresh and different place where people connect with you? Spy on the competition. Many of my competitors are registered for my newsletter for this purpose. Do the same. If competition is offline, then buy their products, call them, studying their schedules, pricing, products, customer service. 2. Write Articles That much I repeat this strategy. But it’s the only guaranteed way to attract customers without spending on advertising. The benefits are great exposure and the perception of expert against the market. But writing is not only to attract customers. The secret is to convey what makes you different through your articles.

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