Yandex Market

Edit the cost and availability of such a large assortment of hand every day – an absurdity in this case, the management of prices and availability should be fully automated. We strongly recommend you verify the presence of automation price and availability. Manually edit this quantity is extremely difficult and there is the possibility of losing customers, ordering product, which are not available (it is not a new price provider, but the site to remove the presence you do not have time) or the price is not a statement (you do not have time to put down the price). The most annoying thing here is not only a loss of potential buyer, but also the loss of advertising platform from which to potential buyers come to you. Illustrative example – service quality advertising sites 'Yandex Market' (the most popular site in Russia), which is constantly checks the quality of the work shop. Common mistakes on the availability and prices will lead to blocking your store at this site (the block – 'ban'), which leads in turn to a loss of 40% – 60% of potential buyers. 3) Will I consider the goods in the warehouse? Most of the Internet – shops do not have their own warehouse, and work by 'order of the buyer -> purchase from the supplier -> customer delivery. " For these stores typical situation: store-bought goods, and brought it to the buyer and the buyer has refused for a reason, for example, has already made a purchase elsewhere, and the goods he is no longer needed (rarely, but it happens and such).

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