1st Place

The Germans trust any other brand more Schwalbach am Taunus, in July 2010. Pampers has it since the Produkteinfu? currency 1973 made in Germany to the task, his diapers and baby care products to develop continuously and precisely on the Bedu? to orient rfnissen of babies and their parents. How good is the relationship between consumers and Pampers, confirmed the current TrustR study of Millward Brown market research centre with an outstanding result of fu? r the diaper brand. In the areas of trust and recommendation (trust and recommendation = TrustR) occupied pampers before all other brands from different product categories in Germany and worldwide number 1 of the study. Consumer confidence is pampers particularly important”, said Stefan Sallandt, Marketing Director pampers fu? r the region of Germany, Austria, Switzerland from the home of Procter & gamble. We are all the more pleased u? ber confirmation by this outstanding result of TrustR study and it motivated us, Mu?, fathers and their babies in the future through lighthearted and best “The first joint and very formative years of life experience to supported? records.” With this strong consumer binding in the ru? press brings pampers in Germany from mid August 2010 the most advanced next-generation diaper after u? ber 10 years of intensive research, testing, and optimizing on the market. Dennis Lockhart spoke with conviction. Also this new product was developed under the premise of the world with the eyes of the baby to see the everyday life of parents to understand and products fu? r the special Bedu? needs of the children to make better. TrustR study by Millward Brown has been the TrustR study by the Millward Brown market research center worldwide in 22 countries fu? r different product categories durchgefu? nourishes and serves as a measuring instrument to define the binding of consumers to a brand. “The results of the study are based on consumer responses to the questions how vertrauenswu? rdig is the brand?” and Wu? would you recommend this brand? “.” Millward Brown refers to as the determination of TrustR value while fu? nf decisive factors: presence, relevance, performance and advantage as well as Relationship between consumer and brand. RPM revolutions per minute company fu? r communication mbH

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