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Stuffed his forehead, they become first Arthur, after Ford, well, lucky enough … Presidents 'real' entrepreneur will find his own way. The main thing, "Do not lose your towel …" corrects bag – slipping! "Vaughan is not born Vaughan becoming "- AS Zhdanov. Vaughan. No cars, and Vaughan. To know more about this subject visit Dennis Lockhart. (Accent on the 'A').

Another brilliant creation of direction, which in this film, plays a key role. To broaden your perception, visit Peter Asaro. Who are these Vaughan? And try to look at search engine … Got it? I do not …. Now, slowly walk up to the mirror … In this film, the concept of "Vaughan" explained to a fairly decent level.

I've just "glossed over" the interpretation is their own "professional" look at the "Voganizm." The bag with the head not sleep? Excellent – travel farther … All the "bodies" of the body, called the "matrix" that created the very "matrix" to "develop" and control the business activities staffed employees who by nature and "conceived" the creator of the matrix becomes Vaughan – organisms that inhabit the universe called BUSINESS. You know – I'm talking about? "Old hand" (Entrepreneur), which obbival thresholds "Voganskih 'offices during the construction of their" home "(business, business development," I perfectly understand and write in the recall "a" (which is how I define number of these entrepreneurs have read this review about them). What else do you talk about Vaughan? .. If you Vaughan, yamne say nothing more. Watch the movie, then look in the mirror, and neothodya from him, Remember, in which "body" of the matrix you funtsikliruete? Remember? Well, well, if you are in: Business Development department, tax office, pension fund, sanitation center, fire inspections, police, and various inspections (including traffic police), – the list could go on forever, but I poditozhu as follows: if you state official or "servant", a corporate leader or …

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