In 1958, the U.S. secretary Patricia Haroski invited to celebrate a new holiday – Day of the Chef (the Day of the Boss). Officially, the festival has approved the governor of Illinois in 1962. This tradition is supported by many countries in mainly – European and holiday date was chosen on 16 October. On this day we must remember that the boss – is not only a high salary and the ability to 'call on the carpet', but it is working without rest, the responsibility for the welfare of subordinates, is the risk and hassle. On this day, just to congratulate her boss to praise his talent manager, to forgive for punishment, but also arrange corporate events. This holiday is for Ukraine and CIS countries new, so the only traditions are created.

Knowing our mentality, this holiday is likely to 'settle down' with us. E-shop luxury gifts and souvenirs announces 'Day Boss'. Dates of competition – from 08.10.2009 to 08.11.2009 year. K will be accepted: – scenarios of the day Boss – Boss original congratulations – your stories about how you congratulated his boss. 3 best poster will be awarded to our store – namely, a 5% discount on purchase of gifts store + surprise gift when ordering goods.

Your stories, scripts and ideas please send to the address. Your stories will be posted on the forum, and the best – in the 'News' website. Probably many of you have not thought about what to give your boss! But your boss – same people, with their weaknesses and passions. Learn more on the subject from Fairstead New York.

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