Construction History

"If the bridge collapse was dying woman, the wife executed the master of the bridge, and so on" – says Courbet one of its construction history. Besides, who are sufficiently versed in bridges, and enough of their free time to tie the stylized drawings of bridges on the euro banknotes to the real European structures. Note 5 euro banknote Bridge at 5 euros, according to Kurbahu likely corresponds ancient viaduct near the town of Nimes (Pont du Gard, 19 century. BC). "This architectural structure – a remarkable achievement, because thanks to him was still possible to deliver drinking water to a distance of 50 km," – said the professor. "While builders had only wood and stone "- explains the Courbet. And although an astringent such as cement is completely absent, the bridge is designed very gracefully – and, nevertheless, is stable. In addition, only 17-meter height building is a technical challenge, which was successfully overcome.

Bill of 10 euros Image of the bridge a dozen were carried out according to the Dresden professor from a bridge near the town of Avignon (Pont Saint Benezet). "Bridge-style romanticism was Built in 1178 and its history covered with legends "- says Courbet. One shepherd offered his services for the construction of the bridge, but nobody trusted him to do so. To prove their abilities magistrate demanded shepherd removed from the courtyard of the castle hard rocky lump. If a shepherd coped with this task, he could then get a profitable order to build a bridge.

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