Customer-Contractor Relationship

Adapting the story of Michal Mikhailovich Zhvanetsky. A little altered in the IT way. The text is as close to the original. Rookie Alexander adapted the 'little fool' or the relationship between customer and contractor in the development of Software Somewhere far away, there are two companies … One, as usual, the company-client software, and another developer. They sit in these companies sad sad people: Chief of the customer (Komarinsky) and Chief contractor (the outsourcer, the Biliberdinsk) … look at the monitors, and something to write on the keyboard.

Head of customer calls a subordinate. Head of the customer. Subsystem for accounting sent? Slave of the customer. Not yet. Head of the customer.

Write e-mail immediately! Music. The slave villages, written and sent. *** You could hear heavy breathing head contractor. The chief contractor (outsourcing) (causes the slave). Zaitsev! Included Zaitsev, head of supplies printout of the letter. (Reads). 'How does our contract manufacturing sub-systems have been writing all possible release date. " When compile? Rabbits. Never. We have and without them .. Let's be honest and refuse to write. Head contractor (Outsourcing). "Honestly?" But for us the answer today is dispersed and do not take more. Rabbits. Well then, let's be silent! The chief contractor (outsourcing). Then tomorrow we dispersed and do not take more. We need to win Zaitsev time …. We do not who or what to write … Everything quit! You know what people think about this project … And our analysts, testers?? Not to mention administrators. The chief contractor (outsourcing). Yes, I know … And you know what an important order ????? Rabbits. Hmm … The chief contractor (outsourcing). Answer – do not be silent! Write! Drag out, load-mail correspondence. And in this time or the customer reorganize, or requirements to the subsystems will change or the Ministry of (Genzakazchika) liquidate. Music. We sat down and wrote.

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