Comes to my memory of my early days in the technology of information, more than 35 years ago, a piece of algorithm in a computer program that could not understand. I was given the responsibility of decoding the work of an expert analyst who in a piece of program, in the language of the old machines, had achieved a masterful solution to a very complex problem and at those times the technicians did not give many explanations about what scheduled and hence my intervention. The answer came to me to be alone, without thinking about it, but after having spent several weeks working and have not found a solution. Tranca stone that was to be able to continue my work. Without hesitation camden treatment associates explained all about the problem. And it turned out to be as simple as exceptional. That anecdote has not forgotten me because it follows through me when not appears the immediate solution to a complicated problem, mind still circling and solution appears alone, as well as if nothing.

Something like this happened to me with this issue of new machines of the CNE when I wondered: do and that can do these people with this new technology to ensure permanence to Hugo Chavez in power? Where is the trap? So distrustful of us have put! It is true, truth which days I’ve been thinking about those machines and not only because I believe that there is something underneath which has me worried – to the point that I wrote about them a few days ago – but because they can not only be suspicions unfounded in part of a technician than like me has spent years on this from the computer puzzles. Several things caught my attention about the new procedure that is posing the CNE with their new machines. The first one has to do with the identification of the elector on the table through the captahuellas biometric mechanism.

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