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BWE Conference discusses remote controllability, balancing energy and new power market models stop the learning process in the direct marketing of wind energy. The switch on the remote control shapes the year 2013. On the one hand operating Guide, electricity traders and manufacturers need to rehearse now new coordination processes, when it comes to the vote from investment regulation. At the same time, the remote control provides an important basis for the possible future participation of wind energy in the balancing energy market. The balancing of daily working practice joins a massive discussion to a redesign of the electricity market designs. The discourse to new low levels of electricity prices in short-term trading on the electricity exchange in Paris is driven. So the average price was almost four euro in June 2013 in short-term trading in the German market at 27,82 euros per MWh lower than in the previous month. The price of electricity even in the negative range, i.e.

under zero euro per megawatt-hour fell on June 16, 2013. Currently runs one of the electricity market discussion between the option flexible energy-only market and the shift to a capacity market. But even in the latter case, there is a wide range of design options right. Last but not least look the industry on the upcoming amendment of the EEG and the rules for the future direct marketing of wind energy. Given this diverse Bundesverband WindEnergie organized the Symposium wind energy direct marketing. It aims to bring together the various industry stakeholders, to discuss about the current situation and future market options open and controversial.

So the Association builds on the past events, where have met always over 150 representatives from wind operators, electricity traders, carriers, operating guides and authorities to Exchange. Conference wind energy direct marketing date: 23-24 October 2013 place: Berlin the Bundesverband WindEnergie regular networking and educational forums on current topics of wind energy performs.

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