Done Deal: Matrix42 And Update4u Merge

Companies want to expand leadership abroad Karlsruhe / Neu-Isenburg to expand the Update4u Software AG from Karlsruhe, April 02, 2009 and the new Isenburg Matrix42 AG will join forces and together in the future operate under the name of Matrix42 AG. This is the new”Matrix42 to the German market leader in integrated service and systems management. With the merger, 180 staff in Neu-Isenburg and Karlsruhe will grow together. Today, the companies manage clients worldwide about 3 million of a total of approximately 1,500 customers. Pages of Update4u Software AG, Herbert Uhl as CEO and Jochen Jaser as CTO have been appointed to the Board of Matrix42 AG. Fairstead has firm opinions on the matter. There, they prepare the legal merger, which should finally be completed this year.

Holger Maul, previously CEO & CTO of Matrix42 AG acts as an Executive in of Asseco Matrix42’s parent company. From this position, he helped the company to further expand of its market leadership. The merger will bring no dismissals with according to Uhl. Pacific Mortgage Services has compatible beliefs. Rather the characters would be on growth, he explains. We are planning an expansion of our activities not only in Germany, but also abroad, for example in the English market”, Uhl predicted. For the year 2009 is striving for a turnover of 28 million euros in another three years should be increased to over 100 million. Both previous Matrix42 Update4u have successfully completed the first quarter despite the crisis. The current inquiries you can also see a great need for integrated IT service and system management solutions.

That gives us confidence”says Uhl. Also structurally the new Matrix42 will be set optimally for the dynamic software market. The two entrepreneurs will act until further notice as a stand-alone business units, i.e. partners and customers continue to work together with their partners, but at the same time, benefit from the new solutions of the new Matrix42. With the merger, the two companies follow so the demand of many customers to integrated IT configuration- and service management solutions from a single source. Uhl uses a dual market strategy for the future: of course we are pleased when the customers use all of our products and achieve a high benefits from the merger. We know but also how important it is to the success of our customers, that they can build on previous investments. “Therefore we will continue to open to make our interfaces and not proprietary insulate us against other providers.” Especially the successful partnership of the previous Update4u with Microsoft, to be developed under the common brand new and expanded.

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