Economically Bend Pipes

efficient solution creates the object piping not isometrierter tubes for tube bending and tube processing is a common application in the shipbuilding industry generally and especially in the hydraulic piping TRANS fluid. But is that profitability on track remains, when assembled, hand drawn, bent on manual tube bending machine and then installed pipes to the object. Because after the pipe bending to cut off most extensive excess. This means a great loss of material. Also lacks a precise documentation, the amount of time spent working is high and not always fit the finished pipe. An advanced, economical solution transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH now has designed which is needed here. “To ensure a consistent quality of pipelines and a minimal material wastage at shortest possible clamping length and narrow radii to achieve, it is important to turn the pipes in a central pipe bending Centre”, explains Gerd Noker, Director of trans fluid. “This provides “not only for the quality of the cables, but also a comprehensive documentation of pipe data.” But how come the bending or pipe data to the CNC – bending machine? Solution provider TRANS fluid has here two different ways created, to create a pipe Isometrics directly at the object, for example, online (via network or E-Mail) or manually (E.g.

via USB-stick) the pipe bending Centre and the pipe bending machines available can be set. Digital painting with t control: the simplest method is to use a digital Zeichentablets. The creation of isometric drawings makes the corresponding programmes TRANS fluid with its powerful software “t control” available as Gerd Noker said: “can be used a commercially available Tablet PC. Sure, our trans fluid software allows three-dimensional drawing of the tubes on digital isometric drawing paper with a pen. An employee can with the Zeichentablet directly to the object that desired geometry to measure, record and email on the pipe bending Centre send.” In addition the possibility of the excellent geometry directly with flanges fitted welded joints or tube forming.

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