Educative System

It denies that recent reforms of THAT and FP are " coladero" in order to mask the scholastic failure. The alternative is education with position of a guardian, direction and pursuit. It raises the idea of projects shared for the participation of financing deprived in the public university. The minister of Education, Gabilondo Angel, is " inquieto" by a weakening of the educative system if CC the AA maintain the reductions budgetary, the positions of a guardian stand out and the teaching staff of reinforcement and support and the universities stop receiving sufficient financing of prolonged way. In an interview, he denies that recent reforms of THAT and FP are " coladero" in order to mask the scholastic failure and he augurs that he will continue himself speaking of the necessity of an educative pact in the next legislature because the society it demand, governs that governs. " If some hope that, so that there is a pact in Spain, we agree all in everything, will be no nunca" , it notices Gabilondo when it remembers, in reference to the PP, that finally did not leave the educative agreement that it impelled a year and a half ago. After two years long to the front of the Ministry, Gabilondo rejects the sensation of a one but cycle aim, " race of relevos" , where policies do not close ways they abren, them, for example in FP.

" I have never had the sensation to have finished something. I do not want to be anybody acabado" , it emphasizes. Although there is electoral date, its equipment will continue working in September in the access the educational profession or the Statute of the Educational and Investigating Personnel and in the approval of the real decree of confirmation of credits between lessons superiors. Cuts of teaching staff Asked for the freezing and reduction of educational groups in some Communities, even indicates that the relation between number of professors and students is well if is compared with Europe.

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