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International Monetary Fund

Between 40,000 and 100,000 people, according to the sources, they were concentrated in Athens. The fifth day of mobilizations extended by 60 cities. Many supported with the Spanish Movement 15-M. Tens of thousands of people, 40,000 according to the police of Athens and the double according to the spaces in social networks, went this Sunday […]

Public Ministry

The section seventh of the Room Third of the Supreme one began to meet to the 17,00 hours of this Friday to evaluate the precautionary measurement that protests Left United in the demand interposed at the very end of the morning. In the ordinary contentious-administrative resource, the coalition dnda that the anticipated mobilizations stops the […]

Sergio Bell

Training to the margin At first, the main point of mix-up between players and organizations were indeed article 7 of the agreement, by which Liga Series To established the possibility that the directives of the clubs decided unilaterally that a player trained by separated of the rest of the group. A measurement that ran into […]

Government Year

The State registered until June a deficit of 24,132 million Euros in terms of national accounting, which is equivalent to a 2.21% of the GIP, according to the advance of the data of budgetary execution that has presented/displayed today the Secretary of State of Property and Budgets, Juan Manuel Lopez Carbajo. The accumulated negative balance […]

Educative System

It denies that recent reforms of THAT and FP are " coladero" in order to mask the scholastic failure. The alternative is education with position of a guardian, direction and pursuit. It raises the idea of projects shared for the participation of financing deprived in the public university. The minister of Education, Gabilondo Angel, is […]

Valencian Community

The Governments of the PP are going to handle to this year budgets that add 80,790 million, 8% of the GIP. The results of the elections of 22-M have left the PP as master and gentleman of the autonomic power in Spain. It already governed in six communities (Castile and Leon, Valencian Community, Galicia, La […]


After that act, last step of the phase of instruction, judge Jose Flors will have to decide if it begins oral trial or it files the case. The judgment would be into the hands of a jury of nine members. The call case of the suits, the part of the Grtel plot in which the […]

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