Emotional Relationship

Description: A relation is the set of interaction between individuals that links are created. The affection is an interactive process that involves two or more people does not tell us much truth? Let’s see what is an affective relationship Las relations affective they are intimately linked to the emotions and affection we qualify for the emotion that makes us, for example when he says I am very quiet is an emotion and is something that you produce for yourself, to say da me mucha tranquility is an affection, that feel receiving someone or something external; as you can see the terms they are similar. The care, help, support, listen, understand, give, allow, etc., are demonstrations for a good affective relationship, however keep it requires effort. Try pleasing to another with our actions is correct, provided you respect their freedom and individuality. What do I mean by this? For example in a couple or couple relationship, in which there is a mutual attraction, with ideas and similar projects, good company; It would be a grave mistake take your cell phone to read their messages and know who has been talking with who; in front or behind him doesn’t matter, finally is being violated the freedom of the other. An affective relationship must be based on honesty and trust.

And if you have doubts about the relationship, they would have to clarify in the correct way, it would be with the communication between the two. Another clear example is when you know someone and they fall well because there was a connection. But suddenly invites you to go everywhere with him or her, sends you messages, called you morning, noon and night, appears to you when you least expect it and look it up in the soup. By nicer be, there comes a time where you feel invaded your space and prefer to finish with that affection. It is convenient to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties, strive to accept the point of view of the other; be flexible since it is normal that not always coincide in the same ideas or concepts.

What is a relationship affective? It is a balance between giving and receiving. You can express your desires and concerns openly and honestly, suggest changes of attitude asking for it properly, make a request to hear you; but eye so the balance lost balance, remember that you also have to make an effort so that this is reciprocal, since you will also have to be ready for when ask you it. Otherwise might arise a conflict point and someone will surely be a disappointment.

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