Ethical Consumption

It is come close very speaking, each vezmais, of ' ' consumption tico' ' , ' ' consumption responsvel' '. However, quea can be noticed purchase of ecologically correct products comes being treated as the quasetotalidade to this ethical boarding, as if to consume with responsabilidadefosse necessary simply to only and start to buy ' ' item verdes' '. Averdade is that the ethics of the consumption go very beyond, exceeds limited essaviso and engloba enormously treated subjects well less in the quarrels. I mention to the questions working comodireitos, right animals and enemy companies of the environment. In this vision it frees of the reducionismo ' ' only consumption verde' ' , a company who, porexemplo, explore and disrespect its employees will not start to be ethical to secomear to vender maltratandoseus ambiently friendly products but to continue subordinate. a company such, for more principles ' ' verdes' ' that it adopts, will not pass to the ethical side if not to leave to test its products in animals. It is also raised, for esseentendimento ethical more including, the option of the boycotting. Much beyond priorizarcertos products, the conscientious consumer prevents others that, opposing to proambientalidadeou to the ecological neutrality, have been manufactured for companies comprovadamenteenvolvidas with the ambient destruction.

For better agreement, to valedescrever these ' ' novas' ' ethical fronts, exemplificando the three cited and indicandooutras not less excellent ones. 1. Labor laws: umaempresa that really preza for the ethics respects its employees and the laws quegarantem the rights of them. They pay well for an adjusted enough durable dofrias, hours of working and come worthy conditions of infrastructure queacolham the production. However, many corporations, in special in China eoutros Asian countries, order this principle to broadbeans and impose altssimasjornadas, deny many rights and pay very badly. The person, if to think with empatia, chegar conclusion of that a company that disrespects its workers not mereceum tosto while not to adjust the imposed working conditions.

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