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Masonry damage are a widespread problem due to moisture. The situation decides about the solution. (tdx) Masonry damage in most cases as a result of moisture. When old buildings the incoming moisture is often outdated seals due to, but also new buildings exists due to poorly executed building seals increased moisture damage. The masonry attracts moisture from the soil, salts contained in it penetrate the surface of the wall and leave clear marks. In addition to stains of plaster or wallpaper dissolves off often. A further visible moisture damage is mold. “Once mildew is discovered, should be traded, because now is not only” the appearance and substance of the masonry at risk, but also the health of the inhabitants.

The MinoPlan UG offers different solutions of the draining of the masonry as a saviour of experienced construction companies depending on the situation. There is a universal solution to the problem of masonry humidity not. Depending on the type of damage and present situation must be decided individually, what action is right. The following procedures are available at MinoPlan: excavation, injection, electro osmosis, as well as an electro-physical methods. The method of excavation, the soil being removed to the wet basement wall around and replaced the external seals.

In addition, still a horizontal barrier, for example, by means of a stainless steel plate, can be done. Injection drilling holes in the masonry that chemical liquids are used, which, in turn, form a barrier for incoming moisture. Is the wall already too much moisture, but can’t do the procedure or restricted to be applied as the absorption capacity of the means of injection decreases with increasing humidity. It also offers the MinoPlan electro physical processes of electro osmosis in accordance with o-norm B3355-2, as well as a wireless method. Already in the 1980s, the Federal Institute for materials research in cooperation with a German has Conglomerate can demonstrate the operation of electro-physical methods. The o-norm technique is an electro osmotic liquid transport is stimulated by applying a voltage in the low voltage range and the water pushed back down. The wireless procedure is the drainage by means of wireless transmission of low voltage to the masonry. This voltage is measurable and verifiable. As a result, an electro osmotic liquid transport is stimulated as the o-norm method. This procedure is scientifically still not proven, brought forth but over the years hundreds of satisfied customers. It is often cheaper than conventional solutions and enjoys the low costs involved local popularity. While injection and excavation is usually a big physical effort, the electro physical processes come from as far as possible without noise and construction work. If you are unsure, can even temporarily to test the wireless technology and rent for three months.

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