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Hotel Building

Hotel construction in the new green road is opened in Berlin, September 26, 2008 – completed Best Western Hotel am Spittelmarkt showed in the flashbulbs and general amazement of observers and reporters confirmed on Friday. The fresh Hotel basked at best Berlin weather on all sides and that right is ahead but his time in […]

Planograph, Planograf – Flatness Measurement By TP Just

The Planograf is used to TP just 2007 to measure flatness on road surfaces in the road and road construction, to assess longitudinal roughness of surface layers. The Planograph is used to determine the flatness of surfaces in the longitudinal profile. He recorded deviations Center almost continuously in a 4 m-long virtual zero line and […]

Europewide Tendering Platform Construction

The company ReiTec engineering presents an innovative B2B platform for the processing of invitations to tender in the area of construction. The platform is accessible under the domain and company ensured long-term cost and time savings! The project was developed with renowned construction firms and my years of experience in the construction industry is in […]

Federal Institute

Masonry damage are a widespread problem due to moisture. The situation decides about the solution. (tdx) Masonry damage in most cases as a result of moisture. When old buildings the incoming moisture is often outdated seals due to, but also new buildings exists due to poorly executed building seals increased moisture damage. The masonry attracts […]

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