French Revolution

Rousseau, (1712/1778), beyond philosopher were writer, one of most shining and main iluministas philosophers of this generation, its rich and complex thoughts had been basic for the politics and culture of that time at which they had influenced the French Revolution. Amongst its written workmanships they are studies politicians, romances and assays on education, religion and literature. Being its main workmanship the Origin of the Inaquality between the Men and the Social Contract, where in this workmanship, it defends the idea of that the human being is born good, however corrupts it to the society. The present summary if withholds in making a multicriteria analysis of the workmanship Speech On the Origin and the Beddings of the Inaquality between the Men. The workmanship has 330 leves and if it finds divided in three parts, in the first a Dedication, where Rousseau makes a dedication to the citizens of Geneva and the representatives of the State, in the second part the Preface, in which Rousseau presents the form as it will be used to use its thought on the origin of the inaquality between the men and finally the proper Speech in which it divides in two parts, being the first part analyzed on the optics of the natural or physical inaquality and the moral inaquality or politics and the second part of the Speech. Rousseau is used to advantage of the natural inaquality and as this if it passes to the social state, showing in such a way as the inaquality between the men appeared, that is, the social degeneration provoked by the distanciamento that the social man is of the natural man. In its workmanship, Rousseau starts for making a differentiation enters the two inaqualities gifts in the man: the physical or natural inaquality and the moral or politics, showing its bigger interest for the inaquality politics or moral.

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