" These two formulas are consecutive and complementary S 'located in the place of the signifier in the formula of the metaphor is there to indicate that the metaphor includes, to carry out their production to metonymy as before. S 'not to be confused with the metaphorical production in the formula (II), this production should be read in S, in the place of meaning. There could be no metonymy metaphor before. In "On a question preliminary to any possible treatment of psychosis" Lacan makes the metaphor of follows: S. S '? S 1 S 'xsx designates the place of the phallus as a sign of passion significant. Ie x presents the subject to coming-unknown level against the desire of the Other, whose motion, it establishes in the place of the phallus. In relation to the scheme (II) To be located at S in place that in the algorithm is given to the meaning and where S product mix and significant substitution, meaning is presented as a significant fact of whose existence can not account but as production operations carried out significant level. In "The significance of the phallus," Lacan said that Freud, in his time, no one had anticipated the formulas of the language, but also had given the relationship between their words "the effective range should understand that" that is: The current function of the meaning of the signifier. "If Freud lacked the terms that the language did not have time, Lacan does not lack concepts of linguistics Freud and current used.

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