Getlio Vargas

In such a way the federal incentive to the public domain so that it could assimilate so great transformations, was alicerado by one politics of approach, where the figure of then the president became current in the of the state of Rio de Janeiro south interior, strengthening the bond between the people and the State, also with adoption of interventionist measures: ‘ ‘ Days before the constitution of the CSN, the government not only authorizeed the justinian codes of the industrial workers, the commercial employees and the bank clerks, but also the Public saving bank of the River and of So Paulo, to subscribe preferred stocks of companhia.’ ‘ (TO SOUND, 1998: 97). Thus, the stage initial progressed, name C.S.N had been presented, also ‘ ‘ apadrinhado’ ‘ for a nationalistic State, strengthened for the figure of ‘ ‘ sovereign populista’ ‘ Getlio Vargas. After all, in the words of the French philosopher Michel Foucault: ‘ ‘ the speech? how the psychoanalysis showed in them? she is not simply what manifest (or it occults) the desire; it is, also, what ‘ is the object of the desire; ‘ (FOUCAULT, 2007: 10), therefore we have one logical governmetalist to divulge it for state mechanisms that also safeguarded it ahead of most incredulous. Moreover, the speech also discloses a relation of being able exerted for the State, evidencing the governmental desire of domain and practical its in the society, after all: ‘ ‘ the speech is not simply what it translates the fights or the systems of domination, but that because, for what fight, the power of which in we want apoderar.’ to them; ‘ (FOUCAULT, 2007: 10) In such a way it is perceived searchs it for the domain of the speech, for also composing a sphere of the desired, here express power in governmental discursivas manifestations, aparadas for the language technique, aiming at to demonstrate control on the displayed object, that is, the C.S.N..

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