Global Financial Crisis

Article: World-wide the financial crisis and almost the American trick Robert Ramalho is lawyer, public journalist, relations, contributor, researcher and blogeuiro the financial crisis generated by the problems of the market of credit in the United States in virtue of almost not the payment of the interests of the American public debt, mainly to the Chinese, whom one trillion in headings of U.S.A. withholds, finished generating a world-wide daily pay-crisis in the Stock exchange it entire world, making the investors to lose about dollar one trillion. The crisis spread in these times of globalization making to balance banks, stock markets and national economies around of all the planet and placing in xeque the proper capitalist system. The government was necessary to yield to the whims of the Republican Party that makes opposition to president Barack Obama crisis to pass it and to calm the markets in the whole world. Since the beginning of the crisis until the Wednesday (10.08.11), the market still cried and feared the world-wide crisis that if abated, with the Stock exchange of the world all losing billions of dollar.

However, the main financial agents of the capitalist System had immediately left to positively think on the picture, bringing in return the tranquillity so waited and making with that the Stock exchange came back to have profits and practically recouping what they had lost in practically two days (12.08.11) with the high ones in the main papers of the market. The Crisis of the limit of debt (or ceiling of debt) of the United States of 2011 meant a long process of negotiation and of debate in the American Congress on if the country it would have to increase the limit of debt or not, and in positive case to say where upstream. To save the world-wide economy of an international crisis without precedents, the politics of public expenses for the future had been argued, and which would be the tax policies necessary to after apply the increment of the limit of the debt. Moreover, one expected that the quarrel culminated with important structural reforms for the estimated procedures of, as, for example, in relation to the limits of expenses or emendations to the Constitution in if treating to estimated balanced. The national total debt of the United States was of 14,4 trillions of dollar in July of 2011, surpassing the accumulation of expense of 14,3 trillions. It was there that the Department of the Treasure that did not have authority to emit or to contract debt beyond this limit, compelled the government of president Barack Obama to carry through the reform necessary country not to break and to give the trick to it of the external debt. The crisis alone finished when the government it president Barack Obama, Democratical Broken it and the Republican Party of opposition, had made a sufficiently complex agreement, obtained to raise the limit of expenses in 31 of July of 2011. After its approval in the Chamber and Senate, the agreement finally was ratified by President Barack Obama, being known as Budget Act Control of 2011 in 2 of August, dates limit so that the American government honored its external debt with its creditors.

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