Have A Useful Life

On these dates in which everyone has at least one laptop at home and almost certainly another at work, sure that many do not even know how to increase the service life of a battery of his beloved team, as everyone knows, nobody reads instructions from any device (me first) if to turn it becomes to operate if only, and then it passes what happens so that if you don’t know how to increase the service life of a battery (or is at least not damaged before time) just follow these simple instructions: 1.Evita completely discharge the battery.In lithium-ion batteries as more download and partially recharge the battery until it reaches the minimum level is recommended.Only once a month should be completely discharged so that you have no memory effect, or said in other words, to not have the tendency to not be never used 100% 2. If for whatever reason you will not use your notebook for a long period of time, (very unusual thing, but never the other say it) the best thing is that you remove the battery and store it. Nicholas Carr may not feel the same. Ideally in a dry place, No moisture free and away from contact with the Sun or any heat source. Quando take the procurement that is nearly 50% of its capacity..

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