Heating Oil Within

Downward trend in the crude oil seems now for one and a half weeks in LEIPZIG cycle. (Ceto) Off and on at the commodity futures exchanges found its continuation today. After the losses of yesterday the courses rustled in morning trading further, seemingly in freefall. Then she stabilized, could again catch up only a small part of yesterday’s losses. Compared to the beginning of the week, North Sea oil (Brent) lost 8.50 US dollars per barrel and it ranked now at 108 dollars, with US light oil (WTI) were even more than $9. Further details can be found at Dennis Lockhart, an internet resource. It is currently traded for just under 87 dollars the yesterday’s slump was thereby not a fluke, but a trend that persists for now one and a half weeks and led WTI to a five-month low. Price good reasons abound, but they have been ignored so far in the hope of more regulation of financial crises through greater economic growth in the United States and Europe. But these hopes evaporate rapidly among investors, especially as to the Outlook for economic activity in the previously robust China tarnish a.

The strong breaking up Crude oil prices followed stock market at once. Apart from the generally economically threatening situation this brings of course falling commodity prices with it. Therefore local heating oil consumers, benefited as yesterday and now 4th day in a row from this development. This decreased 1.48 cents to 82.12 Euro Pro 100-litre game of a total supply of 3,000 litres. Since the beginning of the week the price 3 euro fell. This price level attracted many customers to their dealerships. See the full article including an assessment of weekly average prices since early July and many more information to the energy market here on the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau. In the monthly newsletter energy & Mittelstand”for more information surrounding the energy market.

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