Hiring Home Help

In our country, especially in large cities, has long been the existence of a country house and several cars per family is practically the norm. And the fact that you hire a nanny to work, a governess or a servant, not be able to give elite status. Use of domestic staff in Moscow are not only people wealthy, this service is affordable even for middle-class people, because everyone wants to have a lot of free time. Quite changed attitude to the employment of domestic staff since 1917, when there was a revolution, and was forbidden to employ another person. And yet there were people who had been possible to hire helpers at home, but it was rather small largest contingent: the Soviet writers, scientists, politicians of the highest rank.

By the way, the term "housekeeper" has emerged just in the Soviet era. This word means a woman which works in the house. Follow others, such as Professor of British History, and add to your knowledge base. In recent years the situation has changed and is no longer considered shameful to hire housekeepers or nannies, babysitters services became common. Now is the au pair in families 'average' class. Most popular service workers at home in cities such as Moscow or St.

Petersburg. As a rule, for the inhabitants of cities exacerbated the problem of lack of time and helpers at home are compulsory membership of modern life. What if I need to hire a good home for staff? No doubt, you can use the recommendations of friends or read some ads in the media information, which often seek jobs governess, but safer to apply to agencies that can provide qualified assistants. For example, if you require the services of a governess, referring to the agency from extensive database you will be able to identify several candidates, and then able to interview each of them and make the right choice. If you are satisfied, you arrange with the company a contract of employment employee.

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