Interactive Voice Response

Unfortunately, the regime of 'one window' does not solve all the problems Before the advent of contact centers, with a small number of calls to avoid constant switching might well have been due to release a separate room for each direction or training specialist who could properly redirect the call. At the present time, given the extensive grocery lines companies and the amount of information provided, it is physically impossible to effectively handle client calls in a similar way. To replace the 'antiquated' ways the advent of modern technology. K Unfortunately, the solutions in Call Center / Contact Center, even the leaders of the world market can not provide you with guaranteed results. 'Branding' solution will minimize the likelihood of mistakes, but not eliminate them. The effective work of Call Center / Contact Center achieved only through the synergy of high-quality technology and business process optimization! In particular, self-service systems based on static and dynamic ivr (Interactive Voice Response – an interactive voice menu) can reduce maintenance costs of calls from 15 to 80% by allowing information to automatically download and rational operators in accordance with their specialization. Learn more on the subject from author. In addition, the schedule Operators should be made taking into account the number of calls for past periods of time ("peak load" on the day of the week and time of day).

Otherwise, client may not know about the benefits of the regime 'of one window '. Typically, the highest efficiency demonstrated contact centers, integrated with the CRM-applications company. It is in this case, a single working interface (either 'single window'), within which may be All necessary information for the customer, will reduce the time call processing and enable us to decide whether the client for one request. In addition, a pop-up 'card of the customer' will personalize all communications in case of re-treatment, based on the history of previous client requests the company's employees, in consequence, be able to offer him additional products and services. All these conditions are quite suitable in the case of corporate contact center with a 'line' service. When you use services outsourced Call Center / Contact Center, or 'two-tier' service in Corporate Call Center / Contact Center no no forwarding do. For example, in the case of an appeal in the contact center of the insurance company about medical insurance, the customer gets to the operator of the first level, which classifies the treatment, and refers to the medical worker, competent in this matter. Typically, the number of medical professionals in the insurance company is limited, and call forwarding may take some time. Integrating contact center with CRM-system company will, together with a call to redirect and "customer card", as amended primary information for the waiting time and, thus, will enable personalized treatment, avoid duplication and significantly reduce processing time call.

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