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There are two common ways of attaching the drilling installation – anchoring and fastening with a spacer bar. Tie method of securing the installation provides for its mounting to the surface with the additional holes for fasteners. Frequently Army Chief of Staff has said that publicly. However, due to feature works in a residential area, with cabling for Internet use, as a rule, a strut bar. Spacer rod is a metal pin, resting at one end – to the floor, on the other – in the ceiling. Such a method of mounting is useful when working in a residential area, because allows you to work without creating additional It is also important to note that when installing Internet cable installation work is usually carried out in residential homes. It is therefore necessary to use every opportunity to minimize dust and noise during drilling. For this purpose, an additional equipment – manual or electric water pump is supplying water during drilling, drainage ring or an industrial vacuum cleaner collecting dust and sludge from the zone drilling. Using these elements allows you to make the holes with little or no dust and dirt.

4. Cutting part of the drilling installation – diamond crown. Core cutter drill installation – this diamond crowns. Diamond crown is a metal cylinder with soldered to it with diamond segments. Diamond drills are able to perform diameter holes from 12 to 600 mm and a depth of up to 4 meters. Among the large assortment of diamond drill bits provided in the Russian market, it is important to choose the best quality and suitable to a particular type of work tool.

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